Time Heist – A Book Review

Time Heist

TIME HEIST by Anthony Vicino


We tried to kill ourselves. We had the weapons. We had the desire. Somehow, we failed. Humanity survived. Go figure.

They called it the Dissolution, but it’s been a couple hundred years and if you ask around, nobody in Unity remembers what all the fuss was about. What everybody had been so willing to die for. Nobody cares.

I don’t, at least. I’ve done my part. Worked Time Vice for the better part of twenty-years putting the bad guys into a Stream dream. Now I want out.

The numbers on my arm tell me I’ll be dead soon. Less than a day left. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is knowing a Unity Leader helped Malcolm Wolfe, the man who murdered my wife and a million other innocents, escape prison.

Finding Malcolm means uncovering secrets that could tear Unity apart from the inside. But if I don’t stop him, there probably won’t be a Unity to save anyhow.

Looks like we might get a chance to wipe ourselves out after-all. Now I just got to catch him before my numbers catch me.


Time Heist (Firstborn Saga Book 1) by Anthony Vicino, is a gripping story full of action, emotion, twists, and turns. The book hooked me from the start and all the way to the end.

The author, Anthony Vicino, does a fantastic job writing real characters and world building. He writes thought provoking plots with many metaphors and witty dialogue. The many action scenes are well-written and leaves the reader feeling as though he/she had been right in the middle of it.

Time Heist is a fantastic book, very well-written, and professionally edited. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of futuristic science fiction.

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