The Fifth Watcher – Melissa Barker-Simpson


Viewing Pleasures

Fifth Watcher - High Resolution - Without UFO

Melissa Barker-Simpson: Mother, interpreter, pen-wielding conjurer, and author of the “Morgan and Fairchild” series has written a new novella, and if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s titled “The Fifth Watcher”.


“At the moment of Audrey Montgomery’s birth a new world came into existence. It is a barren place, a catalyst for the darkness spreading through the multidimensional system. The shift in power makes Audrey an invaluable pawn in a war between those who want to protect her and those who will go to extraordinary lengths to eliminate her.

 As a result, she has spent her life on the run, unaware of her true origins. When her father dies and leaves her with a shocking legacy, her life is irrevocably changed. If she has any hope of surviving, Audrey must embrace her new reality and trust a man who is as dark and uncertain as the future…

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