Author Spotlight – Melissa Barker-Simpson


Behind the Scenes with Sci-Fi Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

The first time I wrote a science fiction novel I was fifteen. I haven’t thought about it in a long time, but it was a story I shared with my father, and one day I hope to revisit one day. Since that earlier attempt, no other characters emerged (except in short pieces of work), and since my process is character orientated, I went in a different direction – until the Fifth Watcher. The concept of the novel came to me after a discussion with my sister. We talked about the theory of alternate universes, shared our philosophies on the subject, and allowed our imaginations to create interesting new versions of ourselves. Shortly afterwards Audrey Montgomery was born and she certainly had a story to tell!

I allowed her to tell it, in my usual way, and pretty soon a new character began…

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