Fiction Friday #24

Read an excerpt from The Fifth Watcher by Melissa Barker-Simpson!

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By Melissa Barker-Simpson.

I was five years old when they came for me. I don’t recall everything that happened, and perhaps I never will. But I know there were four of them.

They were dressed completely in black, blending into the shadows of my bedroom like wraiths in the night.
I couldn’t scream, couldn’t even move. I was frozen in a cocoon of fear, incapable of defending myself.

What happened after is a muddy web of confusion. I recall being bound and driven away from my home. It was dark inside the van. The only light came from the front, as we travelled beneath a series of streetlamps. They cast an unnatural glow, distorting my surroundings and feeding the fear.

I remember squeezing my eyes shut and wishing for home, praying with all my heart to be free of the nightmare. Then, nothing. Nothing…

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