Author, Jan Marie, Interview

Jan Marie

Angelic Confessions (Book 1)

Author, Jan Marie, Interview


1. At what age did you first begin writing?

My first experience with writing was about 9 or 10 when I had to write a story on how a parrot got it’s colors. My teacher was impressed by it, and showed my mother at school conference. I knew then I loved writing.

2. Being self-taught in the writing arts, how hard was it for you to break into the harsh world of publishing?

It more so to prove myself. That I had something to contribute than it being hard. You do really have to have thick skin in this business. I didn’t think I had think skin. I love writing though so perhaps I developed thick skin over time. I think I had thick skin all along, or I am just very stubborn.

3. Who helped you the most in your writing career?

Oh so many people! The most though is Rebecca E. I will never forget her words of wisdom.

4. What can you tell us about your freelance writing?

I started at the bottom in freelance writing as well and worked my way up in the business writing articles for online websites. I get paid too so its nice.

5. What does Janny C. write?

Janny C. is my freelancer persona I guess you could say. Janny C. has contributed on a lot of social writing sites such as Hub Pages, Trinod, Wikinut. That is where I got my start learning my craft. Janny C. has written on a lot of things from single motherhood and dating, to interviewing real life vampires. Yes I can honestly say I interviewed a vampire.

6. What can you tell us about your book, Angelic Memoirs?

Angelic Memoirs was what Angelic Confessions was originally named. I took it off the market though shortly after. It was awful. I wanted to revamp it. Sadly it is still out there on Amazon till the end of time I think. So lesson learned.

7. What authors influence your writing?

Stephen King, Naoko Takeuchi, Anne Rice, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Weird combo I know.

8. Tell us about your time working with comic strips.

I love comic books so I self taught myself the art of comic script writing. I wrote some scripts, but I can’t draw for my life. I joined the comic book art scene online looking for artists. In the process I got connected with an independent comic book company called Drunken Styles Studios. They liked my writing and I got to contribute on a comic they were working on. It was cool, and again confirmed to me I should be here. Angelic Confessions was originally going to be a graphic novel. In the end I did complete 2 short comics on my own with a fellow artist friend. We did them just for fun though.

9. Where did you get the idea for ‘Angelic Confessions’?

I was having this reoccurring dream. Each night it would continue on. I was starting to get annoyed with it. I though maybe if I wrote it down the dream would stop. I think the dream was telling me I should make this into a book. One I started writing it down the dreams stopped unfolding into the book.

 10. Is ‘Angelic Confessions’ going to be a series?

There will be a book 2 for sure.

11. Do you know yet how many books will be in the series?

I am not sure if there will be anymore after book 2. Maybe.

12. What are you currently working on?

Book 2 of Angelic Confessions. Along with an article on casinos for a client.

13.How do you get inspired to write?

Listening to music, taking a walk in nature, looking a artwork, doing the dishes. Not sure why on the last one there. It never fails though I am washing dishes and bam I’m inspired!

14. How do you deal with writer’s block?

It all depends on the severity of the case of writers block. For a really bad case I just have to turn off the computer and walk away from the story, let it rest for awhile. Try and do things that normally inspire me to get the flow going again. If I have a light case doing the dishes helps.

15. What is the best thing about being a writer?

That I get to write! I love writing.

16. What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Write for the love of it. If it’s truly your passion never give up. Never stop writing.

17. Do you have a muse?

The angels of course.

18. How is ‘Angelic Confessions’ important to your readers?

It’s one of those stories to read, and relax with. To get lost in.

19. What type of entertainment will ‘Angelic Confessions’ provide to your readers?

A fantasy romance whirlwind adventure.

20. Tell us about being a single mom.

I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids now. I have my oldest who is 9 and the twins are 1 years old. My kids don’t mind it. In fact my oldest says he doesn’t want me to marry. Finding time to write though is a challenge. That is where being a single mom has a down side. I can’t say, “Hey darling could you watch the kids so I can write.”

Angelic Confessions

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