Widow Walk – A Book Review

Widow Walk

Widow Walk by Gerard LaSalle – A Book Review

1858. The bountiful Pacific Northwest.

Breathtaking beauty, vast opportunities, pervasive danger, lonely pursuits.

Enterprising homesteaders and native Americans struggle to find order amidst �a deadly clash of cultures.

They are fighting for survival and for what they believe is theirs alone.

Here is where Isaac and Emmy Evers live, love, and fight for survival.

WIDOW WALK is based on the real events surrounding the revenge murder of Isaac Ebey, a prominent citizen who lived on Whidbey Island in the mid-1800s.

Author Gerard LaSalle combines his love of history with a compelling story of a woman’s determination to find her kidnapped son. The novel vividly depicts those turbulent times, when the United States and Britain both attempted to control vast, fertile new lands in the Pacific Northwest and contain its native “aboriginal” populations.

In Widow Walk, brave people fight to survive predation and the violent confrontations that inevitably accompany ambition and expansionism. This is a story of courage, character, and the emergence of those who endured.

Book Review

Widow Walk, by Gerard LaSalle, brings life to Washington State History. The novel is written with lush and vivid scenery of the area just as it was being populated by Americans and Europeans. Author, Gerard LaSalle, writes about the harsh realities of the time and place; the clash of the different cultures as the American and Europeans obtrude on the different Indian tribes who were already living there.

The characters are hard-working, strong, and enduring; some are corrupt, false, and vicious, all are interesting. The storyline is a common love story and fighting for survival. Emmy Evers, and her daughter, Sarah, emerge as two very strong female characters. Emmy fights to get her young son back, after he is taken by a vicious tribe of Indians, and Sarah fights right along with her.

I found Widow Walk to be a captivating and interesting read. The novel drew me in at the very beginning and kept me spell-bound until the end. I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in history, strong characters, and adventure at every turn of the page.

I received a PDF copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest opinion.

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