Bogeyman – A Book Review


BOGEYMAN: He was every Parent’s Nightmare

By: Steve Jackson


A WildBlue Press original true crime story from the New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER and NO STONE UNTURNED, describing in dramatic detail and with heart-rending poignancy the efforts of tenacious Texas lawmen to solve the cold case murders of three little girls and hold their killer accountable for his horrific crimes.

“Absorbing and haunting! BOGEYMAN spills creepily across the page with Steve Jackson’s hellacious verve and insight, reminding us there are few better explorers of the American berserk.”–Ron Franscell, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT

“Steve Jackson’s latest, BOGEYMAN, reveals a living, breathing nightmare that haunted parents, as well as detectives. Be sure to add it to your reading list if you’re a fan of true crime books.” Aaron Habel, host of Generation Why Podcast

From the book: “For years he’d stalked elementary schools and playground looking for young girls from low-income neighborhoods to abduct, rape and murder. He thought of them as “throwaway kids”–hardly missed, and soon forgotten, except by those who loved them. He was ever parent’s worst nightmare. The bogeyman they warned their children about … the fiend who lurked outside bedroom windows.”


BOGEYMAN: He was every Parent’s Nightmare, by author Steve Jackson, is a well-researched, well-written, true crime, non-fiction book. Author Steve Jackson covers two decades of Detectives who committed themselves, and their lives, to proving the guilt of David Penton as the abductor, abuser, and killer of several young girls in, and near, a small town in Texas.

David Penton went on his crime spree during the 1980’s; a time when there were no such things as Amber Alerts, Cell Phone, DNA Testing, or Internet. After years of gathering evidence, the Detectives and Lawyers felt they had enough evidence to convict Penton. Unfortunately, the case never went to trial. Penton agreed to a ‘plea bargain’; he pled guilty to the murder of three girls in exchange for a sentence to life without parole. This ‘plea bargain’ eliminated the threat of the death penalty.

Author Steve Jackson writes about the distress the Detectives, and their families, went through and the heart-breaking throes of torment the families of the victims went through.

I am not a reader of non-fiction, but BOGEYMAN reminded me of a time when my own daughters were growing up and the fear I felt for them each day. The book is also a reminder to all that the evil, that is Penton and others like him, lives on.

I highly recommend this book to all.

A PDF copy of BOGEYMAN was provided to me by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

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