Follow Fest 2014

FollowFest 2014

Name: Debra Mauldin

Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction

What genres do you write? Fantasy and Women’s Fiction

Are you published? I have a short story, Christmas Festival, published in ‘Dragon Knight Chronicles: A Knights’ Passage’. You can read an excerpt of the short story at: and buy the book at: I’m currently working on a Short Story Anthology that I hope to publish in early 2015. You can read a couple of my short stories at: and I’m also working on two novels that I hope to publish in 2015; one is a fantasy and the other is a combination of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction.

Do you do anything in addition to writing? I write articles for where I also serve as a judge for our bi-monthly writing contests and help provide Promotional Services.

Tell us a little about yourself. I live in northeast Alabama, on Weiss Lake, with my hubby, three dogs, and two cats. I am mother to two beautiful daughters and one beautiful step-daughter, and I am grandmother to six; four beautiful granddaughters and two handsome grandsons. My grandchildren are my world!

I love to read, garden, and fish. My hubby and I are both home-bodies, so we travel very little now. I spend my days writing, cleaning house, cooking, etc…

I am retired from the local school system where I worked as a McKinney-Vento Homeless Children & Youth Liaison. I am a certified Aromatherapist and still work with helping people heal with essential oils. I am very passionate about writing.
What are you reading right now? Dark Carnival (The Dark Trilogy Book 2) by Nancy K. Duplechain
Which authors influenced you the most? Anne Rice, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Jean M. Auel

Where can people connect with you?

Blog –

Twitter – @dmauldin3 at

Facebook – and

Goodreads (personal)

LinkedIn –

Pinterest –

Tumblr –

Author pages: Not yet, but I will be working on some author pages soon.





Do you have a newsletter? No, not at this time. It may be something I will look at in the future, but right now my plate is full! However, I do suggest signing up for the Dragon Knite Chronicles newsletter at:

Is there anything else you’d like us to know? I will be working on my website, as time permits, and adding author pages as I go.


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  1. Besides my children dragging me everywhere, I also love to be a homebody. And when I am at home, I’m stuck to the TV, a book or a good movie. I haven’t fished in forever! The last time I did was with my dad and brother when we were younger.


  2. Hi Debra, good to meet you. Thanks for following me on Pinterest. I read your stories at Wattpad and left comments. Checked out DKC too! My daughter is a health coach and is into essential oils for her clients. I ordered peppermint oil from her and love it. Good to meet ya’!


  3. Debra, it’s so awesome to make your acquaintance through our participation in Follow Fest. I too am an aromatherapist, as well as a writer. Many of my nonfiction books contain herbal recipes. I also love Jean Auel (haven’t heard her name for far too long, so thanks), and Anne Rice. I’ve linked, followed and become your friend in many of the arenas you shared here. Hoping to stay connected.


  4. I love being home with my family, too. 🙂
    In the pond behind our house, we fish, as well as feed them. It’s awesome to see all these little fish come to the shallow area to eat.


  5. It’s great to meet so many new fantasy authors through Follow Fest. I hadn’t heard of Dragon Knight Chronicles before this hop. It was nice learning about you. 🙂


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