Passion’s Vision – A Book Review

Passion's Vision 1


New Moon is a warrior. She and her husband fought together in many battles. Now she mourns the death of her husband whose life was taken by a white man. Her spirit is troubled by the vision of a white man soon to arrive in her village. Is he the one? Will she finally answer the blood cry? James Fitzgerald is an agent in King George’s court. He is commissioned to blend into Dancing Cloud’s village and uncover and botch the plans of a French agent creating discord and bloody conflict between the settlers and the Cherokee. Two warriors’ from different worlds meet and clash. Soon it is revealed their survival depends on their ability to overcome their differences and defeat those who seek to destroy them both. Their growing love will demand nothing less than total surrender.


Passion’s Vision by Mary Adair is a well written, historically correct, love story. Mary Adair writes with descriptive words that pull the reader in and allows them to experience life in the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina in 1734.

The characters are strong and the story paints a picture of the Cherokee customs during the time period. The unlikely love between New Moon and Panther transcends race, blooming into a love with mutual beliefs and respect. The story contains a hint of the paranormal.

I recommend this book to all who enjoy reading accounts of history, love, and the paranormal.

I received a free PDF copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

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