Island Daze – A Book Review

The Complete Series
The Complete Series

By Nicholas Erik


A global pandemic…
A mysterious millionaire…
A sinister secret.

When Maverick, CEO of Elevation Industries, invites some of his closest staff to his personal island, everyone knows what to expect.
A non-stop, raucous, debauched party on a sun-soaked island paradise. It’s known as The Hideaway for good reason.

But, a day into their vacation, news trickles down from the mainland, carrying word of a mysterious virus. And not everything on the picturesque locale in the South Pacific is as wonderful as it seems. There are strange noises in the night. But the most dangerous people of all might be those who they once thought of as friends and colleagues.

Island Daze: The Complete Series is the complete 4 episode series of the post-apocalyptic pulp thriller.


‘Island Daze’ The Complete Series by Nicholas Erik is a well written, action packed thriller. The action pulled me in and held me enthralled until the finish.

The book starts with a group of co-workers traveling and partying on their boss’s yacht. They travel through a strong storm to get to their boss’s island, known as, ‘The Hideaway’, and the storm causes the yacht to make a crash landing. Several parts are needed to make the yacht sea worthy again.

When the boss’s right-hand man tries to call for the needed parts to be shipped to them, he cannot get an answer. Then they find out that the world they left behind is in the siege of a pandemic.

With all the secrecy and panic, dead bodies start showing up. The co-workers start splitting up into teams, at first working as one unit, which very quickly turns into an ‘each man on his on’ deal.

The characters are strong and the plot is thick with many twists and turns. The read was a thrill until the end.

I loved this book and highly recommend it to all post-apocalyptic pulp thriller lovers.

I received a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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