My Name is Tamsin – A Book Review

My Name is Tamsin

My Name is Tamsin by J R Smith


Set in a time where the countries of the world are united and the first One World President is to be elected, two children on opposite sides of the planet are brought together.
They find themselves drawn into a governmental conspiracy and hunted by a cult intent on gaining power in the new world order.
It seems that their survival and the survival of this new world order are inexplicably linked. They must discover how and why before it’s too late.


‘My Name Is Tamsin’ by J R Smith, is a very intriguing read. It is a science-fiction thriller with  mystery and romance. The story hooked me from the beginning and I found it hard to stop reading.

Author J R Smith writes a disturbing plot with strong, caring, and loving characters, along with some evil characters, and some fantasy characters. “My Name Is Tamsin’ is full of fast paced action, mystery, and suspense. The well described characters pull the reader along, page after page.

I highly recommend this book to all readers. It contains elements that I think we can all find interesting.

‘My Name is Tamsin’ is a 2014 Penrose pub release. I was provided a pdf copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 



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