Of Mud and Clay – Book Review

Of Mud and Clay: Book One of Light into Exile
By: G. Wayne Jeffreys
Of Mud and Clay


Ezra Kohen is a civilian member of the U.S. intelligence community. When called to investigate a wealthy corporate tycoon’s ties to the Middle East, he find’s more than just coincidence has tied him to the investigation. A series of grisly murders on a corporate compound, obscure military secrets, and associates from Ezra’s past surface in the investigation.
Ezra soon realizes that all the enigmatic events, and possibly the murders themselves may have been manipulated by his employer, to set him on the trail of discovery, and to solve one of the world’s oldest mysteries. Yet as the investigation unfolds, Ezra finds that not only is his life in danger, but a dark and growing peril threatens humanity’s future. In a race against time, and the very essence of evil itself, Ezra Kohen discovers his own unique purpose against hidden perils, an understanding of free will, and belief in something greater than himself.
Of Mud and Clay is a tale of ancient mystery and spiritual evil. When the world’s political and corporate powers are revealed to be nothing more than the tools in a warfare that has raged since the beginning of time, one man’s search for faith can determine the outcome for all humanity. It is then that Ezra discovers that his chief obstacle, is his own disbelief……….


Of Mud and Clay: Book One of Light into Exile, by G. Wayne Jeffreys, is a well written, fast paced, science fiction mystery. The characters are unique and vivid. The storyline, keeps the reader guessing until the very end. Some questions are answered and some are not, leaving the reader in anticipation of the next book in the series.

G. Wayne Jeffreys novel kept me riveted throughout the story. There are many theological questions, a little romance, and violence scattered throughout the novel as the story unfolds.

Personally, I loved it! Of Mud and Clay is a great read. I recommend it to all mystery, science fiction, and theology lovers.

I received a PDF copy from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

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