Hope (Windows On Our World) – A Book Review

Hope (Windows On Our World)Book I
by Les Bill Gates
Hope by Les Bill Gates


The first part of the trilogy ‘Hope’ tells of the arrival of Squire in Thorland and ‘The
Quest for the Teeth of the Upper Jaw’.

After many centuries, Squire has returned to Thorland, summoned there by
the good Wizard Tobin in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

As the quest begins, the other members of the company described in the
prophecy join Squire. They also encounter many friends who assist them on the quest.

Tobin gives Squire a shield to protect him in times of great danger, but warns that
whenever he uses it he will also get a glimpse of his own world,an unpleasant experience.

Their quest takes the company to every part of West Thorland. Every time they
locate one of the teeth, they also receive instructions for finding the next tooth. Throughout the
quest, the wicked Wizard Gordeve tries to abduct Squire, destroy his friends, and thwart the quest.


I found ‘Hope (Windows on Our Word) Book I’ by Les Bill Gates, to be a fantastic fantasy read. The author did a superb job in creating the characters. Each one is well-rounded and of full benefit to the unlikely group of characters sent on a quest.

Les Bill Gates writes with great clarity and descriptions, which hold the reader spellbound. ‘Hope’ pulls the reader in and sends them down many lanes, with many twists and turns, keeping the reader on the edge of his, or her, seat.

Of course, there is a prophecy that will keep readers looking forward to the next book, and the next in this trilogy.

Personally, I loved ‘Hope’ and am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy

I recommend ‘Hope’ to fantasy lovers, young and old.

I received a PDF copy of this book to read and give an honest review.

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