Weekly Word Challenge: Friendship

Weekly Word Challenge


This week the theme is ‘friendship.’ For each of us, who we consider to be a friend is different – this doesn’t necessarily mean someone that we have known for a long time, and we all look for different qualities in someone that we would consider our friends. The blogging community is based around the idea of friendship, and some of my online friends are as supportive as those in real life…


While I was going through the worst years of my social anxiety, I cut myself off from the world, some of my family, and most of my friends. I had one friend who refused to allow me to hide from her.

She came to visit with me at least once a week, and I found that I could talk to her; she understood. Of course, I had great family support from my husband, my mom, and my youngest daughter. The laughter and support helped me make it through a very rough time in my life.

I first came to know my friend about seventeen years ago. We were working together and immediately hit it off. Although she is ten years younger than me, we became best friends. We helped each other back then. She can make me laugh, like no one else. She can poke fun at me, without me getting mad about it. I love her dearly.

I have a few fellow bloggers that I consider as friends. We can chat about things and let each other know that we are there if needed. We cheer each other on when we are struggling with writing and/or life. I’m not going to call any names, but you know who you are.

My social anxiety has released it’s largest hold on me, but I still have to deal with a lot of general anxiety. I struggle with depression every day. I also have several chronic illnesses that keep me down; Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes I and II, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and Sleep Apnea.

Writing every day is my biggest helper.

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  1. I can sympathize and empathize with your anxiety and health problems — but I’m glad that you had support and there were people who refused to “give up” – and who accepted and helped you through your process of healing. Clearly it is next to impossible to work through the really tough times without loving, unconditional support.

    I hope you continue to work through the “daily grind” (that’s what I call my version of health issues – chronic pain, depression, Fibromyalgia and bouts of anxiety, undetermined type of arthritis etc.) with support and love, and that you continue to find ways to brighten your world. I know that I appreciate your blog and posts – your contributions help me enormously – so thank you. 🙂


      1. Thanks – that’s kind and generous — and appreciated. Normally I “lurk” (how unkind that sounds) – shall we say – read and follow and “like” – but sometimes there isn’t anything more to say -and that works for me.

        I appreciate your posts and links and everything – definitely something intelligent and interesting to be found here. 🙂


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