The Daily Post: Mind Reader

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Daily Prompt

Mind Reader

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.


The last person I saw before reading this prompt was my husband. I saw him last night before we went to bed. When I awoke this morning he had already left for work.

My husband is a CNP Manager with our local school system. Right now, they are probably finishing breakfast and beginning their lunch preparations. Today being Thursday, means it is truck day. It will not be a large truck, as this is the last week of school.

He is going to be managing the Summer Feeding Program, so his thoughts have already turned toward that. He is making out menus and planning truck orders for that program. I’m sure somewhere in that brilliant brain of his, he is thinking that he can’t wait to call me. He usually calls around 9:30 because they begin serving lunch at 10:00.

I Love My Hubby!


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