Beyond the Pale: A Thin Veil Novella – Book Review

Book Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale: A Thin Veil Novella (The Thin Veil) by Jodi McIsaac


Kier believes she has the perfect life—and the perfect love—in the Irish otherworld of Tír na nÓg. But when she is unwillingly wed to the High King in an arranged marriage, her lover takes matters into his own hands in an unexpected and horrifying way. Now, she must do whatever it takes to protect her husband and her kingdom from the man she loves— even if it means losing everything.

Includes a preview of the highly anticipated final novel in the Thin Veil series, Among the Unseen!

Book Review

Beyond the Pale is a well written novella by Jodi McIsaac. In this novella, the author takes us back in time to before the birth of Cedar. The characters in Beyond the Pale are ambitious, brave, and strong. The plot contains many twists and turns based on betrayal, honor, and love.

The reader gains a greater understanding of the history of Tir na nog and the Tuatha De Danann. The reader also gains a greater understanding of how the troubles of the Tuatha De Danann started, how Maeve came into the scene, and why Lorcan was such an evil king. The answers to these questions, and much more, are contained in this novella.

I loved Beyond the Pale and recommend it to all who have read, Jodi McIsaac’s, Through the Door and Into the Fire.

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