The Brain Within its Groove – A Book Review

The Brain Within its Groove

The Brain Within its Groove: A Novella (Variations on Images from Emily Dickinson’s Poems) [Kindle Edition]
by L. N. Nino


“The Brain, within its Groove, Runs evenly – and true – But let a Splinter swerve (…)”

This line by Emily Dickinson gives the title to this horrid tale about madness, lust, and the dangers of exploring our darkest memories.

An old, agonizing Psychiatrist learns that his only hope of recovering his sanity lies in a patient from his past who suffered from an unusual kind of amnesia. The sinister remembrances he will uncover from this dark past will send him into a nightmarish downward spiral of insanity and fear.


The Brain Within its Groove by L. N. Nino, is an intriguing horror novella. Author L. N. Nino writes the story of an aging psychoanalyst, who is suffering from nightmares and terrors that leave him, literally, paralyzed.

L. N. Nino writes his novella with only a few characters, but the characters are rich in personality, life, and vigor. The aging psychoanalyst tells the story from his point of view. He is working with a younger psychoanalyst to find a cure for his problems of the mind and why it is causing the paralysis of his body. He discovers that the cure lies deep within the darkness of his own mind.

The journey of the aging psychoanalyst into the worst nightmares and terrors deep within the darkness of his mind, contains many twists and turns. There are volatile moments when the old man thinks he is on the brink of something big, and then there are bouts of depression and doubt. A definite roller-coaster ride. A must read for horror and thriller lovers.

I loved this novella and recommend it to all who love a short read of the horrors of the mind.

I received a pdf copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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