‘Weather of the Heart’ by Nora Lourie Percival – A Book Review

1 A Weather of the Heart

Weather of the Heart: A Child’s Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia
by Nora Lourie Percival


All through her long busy life in America, Nora Percival felt impelled to learn about the family she’d left behind in Samara, the city on the Volga where she was born. After glasnost she was finally able to go there and find the places, though not the people, of her youth.

Her search resurrected childhood memories of revolution, civil war, famine and exile, which she felt impelled to share, “to speak for so many others who have silently endured the loss of all they valued.”

In her book the reader will meet the extended family who faced many trials in those chaotic years, and will be moved by their steadfast togetherness through want and woe. The reader will share the love and courage that sustained them and helped them survive hunger and despair, the humor that cheered dreary days and the strength that carried them through affliction and calamity. Readers will cry over their sorrows and enjoy their small triumphs, and they will live again in memory.


‘Weather of the Heart: A Child’s Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia’, is the first of three memoir’s written by Nora Lourie Percival. Nora paints pictures with her descriptions of her homeland, Samara, Russia and the people and the places there.

Nora, a well-loved child, writes about her first experiences with the Volga River, her large family, and how the ‘Russian Revolution’ affected her and her family. Nora is smart, with an engaging personality, and a perseverance seldom seen in a child. Nora survived a young life of destruction and starvation. She became her mother’s strength when her father left for America. Her mother suffered from bouts of anemia and depression. Nora, and her mother, were finally able to sail to the United States and be reunited with her father, but her mother was ill and didn’t want to stay.

Nora’s life was turned upside down again, when her father sent her and her mother back to England. The trip turned out to be disastrous. Nora’s mother falls ill, at the beginning of the voyage, and is hospitalized at the end of the voyage. Nora was not allowed at the infirmary and was sent to a work house. By the time the news reached her father, the doctor’s said it was too late to save his wife, so he sent for his daughter.

Readers that enjoy history, will love this true tale of the Russian Revolution, in the 1920’s, told through the eyes of a young girl. I highly recommend this book for all readers.

I received a pdf of this book to read and give an honest review.

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Nora Percival 99th Year Young

Santa Cruz, CA: April 1, 2014 – After many awards, articles, bookstore events, and interviews for a writer who started at the wise age of 88, Nora Percival releases her best writings in eBook format. As an ongoing promoter from North Carolina, please help us in celebrating Nora’s 100th birthday coming up in October 2014.

Featured in an NPR interview, Nora shares in her immigrant beginnings from native Russia. Each of the three memoirs evokes a specific time in the 20th century including the two world wars, moving into the modern era, loves, loss, and reclaiming a full life relived with the release of the three eBooks.

A poignant read highly intelligent writer, blessed with an adventurous life, The Weather of the Heart, Whirligig of Time, and Silver Pages on the Lawn, are highly readable. Nora Percival was selected as one of the top six Guide Post Picks by women readers on about.com for 2003.

Nora’s father left Russia without his wife and daughter just ahead of the Russian Red Army in 1918. It took until 1922 before they would again be together after immigrating to New York, USA.

Nora Percival’s life has never been easy. From the depression of the 1930’s, to losing her first husband to leukemia in 1939 just to find out she was pregnant. Nora was determined to find her way and to find time for her writing. As her life took the turns of necessity, the stories regarding the price of freedom persisted. Yes, and at the age of 88 the writing began and an outpouring streamed forth.

To Google Nora Percival is to find a life lived fully, and in later life with finished books, acclaim, a growing family and stories to tell in person. Share in this fabulous life at http://www.nora Percival.com

Today the American public takes for granted their security, their television, cell phone, personal computer, and friends. A leap into Nora Percival’s three memoirs is to see first hand and to receive stories of early America during the dawn of international awareness and birth of student activism.

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