Y is for YOU and Aromatherapy

1 A to Z 2014 April Blogging Challenge


April 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Y is for YOU and Aromatherapy

We are provided with a whole range of benefits when we use Aromatherapy treatments. Essential oils help with many common disorders, in a holistic way. Aromatherapy along with a healthy lifestyle, can get to the root of an illness even before symptoms appear.

Essential Oils, and other plant remedies, have a long tradition of providing a variety of healing benefits. Many of those traditionally used have been confirmed by modern scientific research.

Aromatherapy treatments have psycho-therapeutic benefits as well as affecting the state of the body. Using essential oils, either by massage, in a bath, or by inhalation, the aroma will influence your psyche while the essential oils work on the organs and tissues of your body.

Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and carried to all parts of the body. They continue to influence your system for several hours to several days, before they are eliminated.

Essential oils are absorbed through the skin via the hair follicles, which contain sebum. The sebum has a strong affinity with essential oils, allowing them to diffuse into the blood and the lymph. This process takes between one to six hours.

When using an aromatherapy treatment by massage, the aroma of the essential oils combined with direct physical contact, produces the combined healing benefits of both the sense of smell and touch. This unique combination causes powerful responses throughout the whole person, emotionally and physically.

Physiologically, essential oils have an influence on the functions of the organs and tissues. They also have hormone-like actions and can regulate the endocrine system. Additionally, the oils have both antiseptic and antimicrobial actions, as well as the ability to stimulate the immune system to function more actively.

Although some essential oils have specific effects on the body, most essential oils have a wide range of properties that overlap with each other. Long experience of working closely with essential oils makes it possible to choose the best essential oil for a certain condition.

The aroma of essential oils directly affects our emotions and moods, and sometimes our short and/or long -term memory. Aromatherapy treatments helps with emotional upsets, such as anger, anxiety, apathy, confusion, depression, fear, grief, hypersensitivity, hysteria, impatience, irritability, nervous tension, and panic.

Aromatherapy can benefit everyone, babies, children, adults, and the elderly. Regular Aromatherapy treatments will contribute to an improvement in general health and well-being, increasing vitality, and influencing the body, mind, and spirit all at the same time.

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