Q is for Quality Essential Oils

1 A to Z 2014 April Blogging Challenge


April 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Q is for Quality Essential Oils

When purchasing essential oils for healing purposes, one wants to ensure they are purchasing the highest quality essential oils available.

Fragrance oils are a nice way to scent your home, but they have no healing compounds. They are purely synthetic aromas formulated in a lab using chemicals.

Some retailers label their oils as essential oils, but if you look close enough, you will find synthetics in most of them. If an essential oil, carries a name, such as: Breathe Easy, Fresh Breeze, Muscle Rub, etc… you can be sure it is not a 100% pure, quality essential oil.

What to look for in a pure, unaltered essential oil:
Make sure the bottle includes the Common name, the Latin name, the Country of Origin, Part of plant processed, (flower, leaves, stems, roots), Extraction Method, (distilled, expressed), and how it was grown, (organic, traditional, wild-crafted).

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing an essential oil for healing purposes. Do your homework. Once you become familiar with high quality essential oils, you can trust your nose to tell the difference.

Now, I’m going to, unashamedly, do a plug for my essential oil supplier. I have purchased my essential oils from http://www.mountainroseherbs.com for over twenty years. Now I am an affiliate.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The leader of Triangle Writers organizes meetings each year where a group of writers meets with an aroma therapist for a writing experience. Last year my A-Z blog was about odors!


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