Teaching about Family Life

The following Lesson was written by a Dear Sister and wonderful friend of mine, who walks with Creator every day. I am thrilled to have her permission to pass this lesson on.

Elizabeth writes: Recently I was asked to come up with a teaching lesson for my clan. I wrote one about family life and children. I was honored to see it published in the Overhill Nation Newsletter, wado to the Chief for such an honor. I wish to share it here on my facebook page with my many friends, hope it blesses you. It is not my words, for I am no one, but the work of Creator through my heart.

Teaching about Family Life
by Elizabeth J. Stanley

All things are connected in nature. We honor all life as sacred. Our families are a sacred trust given by Creator. We talk a lot of love and respect. This is vital for our children. Our children are our future, the future of our nation and we must honor them and teach the ways of our ancestors, so that our culture will survive.

Children do what they see, not what they hear said. This makes it more important everyday that we be the example and loving guide for behavior.

Many times we do not show respect and love to children as we would a stranger. How many times have you seen a child hanging on his mother saying “Mom, Mom, Mom…” ? Acknowledge, listen, and respect them.

Noisy children run to and fro, being outside and expending energy is important, but each child must be taught the value of silence, the enjoyment of peace and harmony in the home. I remember sitting on the porch at night having whispering lessons and learning to listen to nature with my heart with my mouth shut, this was a daily lesson in my childhood, evenings on the porch. We sometimes practiced bird sounds or listened for animals in the woods, learning to listen to the Great Mystery and learning from mother earth and our heart.

Sometimes we are caught up in the mechanics of parenthood and do not pay attention to the heart. It is a sacred trust and blessing from Creator to guide a child in the first years of life.

We must always treat others with kindness, harsh words are injurious and violence destroys the innocent heart. We must practice patience, tolerance and love always when dealing with children.

Let’s talk about respect, when we give respect to others, it helps them to be encouraged and feel valuable to the family. One good way to respect a child is to listen, not interrupt , but listen to the heart speaking to you. It is a delight to see the world from new eyes and a blessing to experience the joy of youth.

We are taught to ask permission from others before touching their things, do we accord this respect to little ones? We are taught to honor our spoken words, do not break promises to little ones. It is better to tell the truth and not promise than to break our word to young hearts.

We must be considerate, try to remember how deeply you felt disappointments when growing up. We must be conscious and compassionate when talking and teaching our young ones. Acknowledge them, listen to them, learn from their pure hearts the things Creator sends from them.

Constant criticisms hurt the growth of the young. Our smile is sacred, nourish the joy, the wonder, and the vitality of the children in your care. Teach the child to share, to share what is precious and the honor it is to serve another. Praise and encouragement go a long way in teaching correct behaviors.

Sometimes we get caught up in life and forget to stop and see ourselves from the eyes of others, sit and think how you must appear to your child, they live in the present . Sometimes we treat strangers with great respect, do we treat the children and the loved ones closest to us with the same respect? Do we give respect, do we listen, do we serve?

It is a sacred duty to care for and raise a child, it is great blessing from Creator, let’s honor our young with reverence of their sacred place in our hearts and families. Its easy to say words of love, let our actions reflect the ways we wish the young ones to learn.

Paying attention to our children with love, honor, and respect gives our children solid foundations on which to build. When we do not take the time to be with and involved with our children, they can be lost in the world and fall by the wayside , these do not have the tools to cope with life. We need to show them the love that Creator showers on us each day and we need to teach gratefulness for his blessings.

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