Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names

Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names
by Tim (tmoorewp) on March 17, 2014


In the year of 1950, a girl child was born to a young couple who were losing their faith. The woman had previously suffered through three miscarriages. For this, her fourth pregnancy, her doctor put the woman on complete bed rest, so she stayed at her mother and father’s home, until the girl child was born.

The mother, and her mother, both had a name picked for the girl child. The name the grandmother had chosen was biblical in origin. The name meant Queen, Prophetess, Judge; a cascade of strength. This was the name that went on the birth certificate.

The girl child’s, mother, had another name for her; a secret name that was never spoken. It was a strong, magical name. Even though the girl did not know her secret name, she lived up to it. The name, further empowered the name on her birth certificate.

The girl was mostly called a shortened version of her name, that meant ‘to speak kind words’. Her father had always called her ‘Sis’; A Blessing, Omen of good things, Born on Sunday, Love, Grace, A Thrush, A Swallow.

As a young girl, ‘Sis’ did not like her name. She thought it was boring. She changed it to a different version of her name, that meant the same. It wasn’t until her grandmother passed, that ‘Sis’ fully embraced the name her grandmother had given to her.

It wasn’t long, after her grandmother’s passing, that her mother told ‘Sis’ her secret name. ‘Sis’ was astonished when she found how closely her secret name paralleled her life; how she had never truly felt a part of conventional society, how her life had always been chaotic, and how she believed her life had been a series of unforeseeable actions from Angels, and/or God. Learning this only made her stronger.

Although her names did not give her power over others, it did give her a strength, built on Love, that she could cascade down to others in need of gently spoken words, comfort, and understanding.


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  1. That was an amazing story. My son’s name is Reis which is pronounced like ‘Reese’ but the meaning is: chief, boss, tall, king. I originally wanted to spell it in the Gaelic tradition: Rhys… Which means fiery one. But I know that too many people would say It as ‘rice’ in the states. Moreover, his middle name is Tyler – which means builder or creator. So, his personality totally lives up to his name meaning.


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