Feminine Energy…continued

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Hyacinth Essential Oil is sweet and gentle, like a wood of bluebells in spring. It opens your heart and mind, gives courage, and is narcotic. It helps you to reach deep within yourself, so you blossom and bloom.

Jasmine Essential Oil is powerful. It provokes the ultimate image of woman in a man. It is seductive, it gently lifts your darkest moods. It flows through your anxieties, sedating and relaxing you.

Jonquil Essential Oil will bring out your hidden desires. It transcends the conscious mind; it’s hypnotic. It dissolves frustrations and low self-esteem.

Lavender Essential Oil has a steadying influence on the psyche. It is calming, yet intuitive, like a wise woman. Indecisiveness and emotional conflict are washed away.

Lime Essential Oil is intensely bittersweet. It can get you into action, but never discreetly. Think loud and egotistical; subtlety is not where lime is at.

Mandarin Essential Oil is young and fresh; very sympathetic. It is subtly inspiring and strengthening.

Marjoram Essential Oil redirects the sexual energy, carrying away fear of love. It soothes the brokenhearted. Use when you need a cuddle, not sex. Marjoram Essential Oil warms the emotional cold.

Mellissa Essential Oil casts a spell of happiness. It’s gentle and soft. It fizzes like sherbet; for the mentally exhausted and the lethargic, it has a compelling potency.

More to come…

Debra Mauldin
Certified Aromatherapist

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have: mauldinfamily1@yahoo.com

Scents & Scentuality
By Valerie Ann Worwood

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  1. I have seen on another group that there is only a hyacinth fragrance oil and there is no such thing as a hyacinth essential oil. Do you have any info on this?


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