Camp Secret (Junior Spies Series) Book I

1 A Camp Secret

Camp Secret (Junior Spies Series) Book I by Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis


Deep beneath the cover of a summer camp is a secret training center for Junior Spies. Thirteen-year-old Lee Wong along with teammates Tex Shaker, Audrey Rochais and Ria Santos undergo weeks of training, tests, and mind games designed to weed out the wannabe spies before the final exercise. Each recruit is determined to make the final cut and be certified as a professional spy. But not everything is as it should be. The team finds it must risk everything to keep the Junior Spy Program from being shut down. Filled with real-life spy secrets, traitors, and betrayal, Camp Secret will have you reading late into the night.


The ‘Camp Secret’ authors have written a fantastic tale of children going to Summer Camp, only to find that it is a cover for a real life, Spy Camp; or is it? Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis create strong characters in this story; very memorable characters.

‘Camp Secret’ involves lots of suspicion, turns, and twists; that keeps the reader, on his/her toes, to stay atop of what is really going on. It is an action packed read with a lot of adventure.

I highly recommend this book for pre-teens, teens, and fun-loving adults.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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