BlogHer – NaBloPoMo – March 2014

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BlogHer – NaBloPoMo – March 2014

Sunday Musings

The past weekend was great! My middle daughter, along with her five-year-old son and seven-week-old daughter, were visiting from Kentucky. On Saturday morning, my youngest daughter, and her seven-month-old son, came in from Georgia, and spent the weekend. I felt so blessed to have two of my daughters and three of my grandchildren for an entire weekend.

The weather was beautiful, (sunny and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), so we all had some fun in the sun. My wonderful daughters raked and cleaned the front yard for me. Now, I can get to all my flower and herb gardens. Maybe I can get some seeds planted this week. I have two sage plants and one lavender plant that are going to have to be moved. I will have to wait until hubby can help me with that.

My oldest grandson wanted to go swimming in the lake, so I took him down the bank and let him wade in the shallow water. He figured out, real fast, that the water is still too cold to go swimming.

Meeting my new granddaughter was wonderful! She is a dainty little girl with tiny features. Of course, she took to her MeeMaw and Papa Bear right away.

My youngest grandson ‘fell in love’ with the oldest grandson. He watched every move the older grandson made and laughed at his antics.

It was a great weekend. I am blessed.

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