February Musings

About the time my youngest grandson got over his bout of RSV, my husband took sick with a sinus infection. He took a round of antibiotics, but really, never got over the sinus infection completely. About a week later, he was back in the doctor’s office again. This time he had an ear infection and sinus infection. He took another round of antibiotics, but they didn’t help; well they probably helped some, but it seemed that he got worse instead of better. His ear closed up on him completely and he said the pressure was immense, plus he couldn’t hear anything out of that ear. He stumbled around, walking like a drunk man, and gave me several scares when he came close to falling. He was taking Dramamine for the dizziness, but it didn’t help much.
After two rounds of antibiotics, he called our doctor back and he made arrangements for him to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist. We went to his first appointment and that doctor gave him a sample of some nose spray to try. He said, “If the ear doesn’t clear up after using the entire sample, call me back and we will set up an appointment to put a tube in that ear.” My husband was terrified; he doesn’t like any kind of medical procedures, tests, or hospitalization. He used the nose spray, but nothing happened.
My poor husband started having anxiety attacks, when he was close to the end of the bottle of nose spray and his ear hadn’t changed. He was, also, in such misery that he said, “Let’s get this done. I don’t care if they cut my head off, I just want the dizziness and pressure gone. I want to hear again.” We called and set up the appointment.
The appointment was on a Monday, right before we got hit by a winter storm for the second time. I was so proud of my husband; he did very well throughout the procedure. The doctor was great too. He talked to my husband, telling him exactly what he was going to do and exactly what he was going to feel. Once the tube was in place and they drained his ear as good as they could, my husband said the pressure was gone. He still couldn’t hear, which disappointed him, but the doctor said it would just get better and better as the days went by. He gave my husband a prescription for some antibiotic ear drops to use once a day, before bedtime.
Once he finished the ear drops, he was disappointed that he still could not hear. The pressure and dizziness was gone, he just couldn’t hear. We worried that he might never hear out of that ear again. Once again, he called his doctor. The doctor said to give it a week or so to dry out from the antibiotic ear drops. It was only this week, that he has begun to hear a little out of the ear.
On another note, while all of this was going on, our hot water heater went out. Last weekend, my husband put new heating elements and thermostats in, but still no hot water. We knew we were going to have to put a new one in, so this weekend is going to be spent on that project. I just want to take a long hot shower, instead of heating water and washing off in the sink.
On a lighter note, our daughter, in Kentucky, is going to bring our new granddaughter down to visit next weekend, before she has to go back to work. I can’t wait to get my hands on her, kiss her, rock her, etc…

1 A Elizabeth Charlene Tyree

1 A Conner holding Elizabeth with Daddy
Big Brother, Conner, holding his baby sister, with Dad looking on.

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  1. Very interesting article, but it was a little hard for me to read it. May I suggest leaving a blank line between the paragraphs ? It would make reading much more easier.


  2. We went a few days without a water heater so I sympathize. That first hot shower will feel so wonderful! I’m glad your husband is starting to get his hearing back – how scary!


    1. It has been a trial. Good news is hubby finished the wiring on the hot water heater this morning. He said he was going first, so I’m waiting my turn to get a hot shower. 🙂


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