Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me
by Krista on February 16, 2014

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.


Love is the legacy I wish to leave behind. I believe we are all put here on this earth to love each other and care for each other. I, also, believe we were put here to care for Mother Earth, not rape her until there is nothing left.
My life has been a service of loving and caring for others, now I am barely able to care for myself. I hope that I am granted the wish to live long enough to plant the seed in all my grandchildren, and perhaps some of my great-grandchildren.
I would also like to live long enough to write a few novels, maybe even a memoir, to help plant the seed in others and in future generations.
We would all do well to remember the Great Law of the Iroquois: “In all of your deliberations in the Confederate Council, in your efforts at law making, in all your official acts, self-interest shall be cast into oblivion. Cast not over your shoulder behind you the warnings of the nephews and nieces should they chide you for any error or wrong you may do, but return to the way of the Great Law which is just and right. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground – the unborn of the future Nation.”
This Great Law of the Iroquois holds appropriate to think seven generations ahead (about 140 years into the future) and decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit their children seven generations into the future.
It is also considered to be an ecological concept of ‘Seven Generation Sustainability’ that urges the current generation of humans to live sustainably and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future.
“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” This is an often repeated saying, and most who use it claim that it comes from “The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations: The Great Binding Law.”
I will step off my soap box for now.
I just wish to be remembered as someone who loved and cared.

1 A The Prophecy of the Seventh Generation  www.earthmothercrying.org
Image courtesy of http://www.earthmothercrying.org via Yahoo Images

I have to leave you with one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies; The Breakfast Club, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ by Simple Minds.


1 A Post A Day Blogger 2014


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