Homemade Valentine Gifts

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Homemade Valentine Gifts

How to Make Aphrodisiac Perfumes

Making homemade aphrodisiac perfumes is special and romantic. Traditional perfume was looked at as being a magical love potion. From the very beginning, the inspiration of creating a perfume was the relationship, the desire, and the passion between two people.

Synergic Blends to make Aphrodisiac Perfumes

Remember, it is important that both of you enjoy the smells you are creating, so when you blend these perfumes, have your partner in mind, as well as yourself, so that you create an essence that you can both enjoy.

Blend I
3 drops Bergamot essential oil
2 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil
1 drop Sandalwood essential oil
with Jasmine Floral Water as a base (1/4 ounce).

Blend II
2 drops Clary Sage essential oil
3 drops of Lavender essential oil
1 drop of Patchouli essential oil
with Rose Floral Water as a base (1/4 ounce).
Lavender is not an aphrodisiac, but is added to make the fragrance more mellow. It can be a relaxing and emotionally uplifting scent.

Blend III
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Petitgrain
3 drops Rosemary
with Neroli Floral Water as a base (1/4 ounce).

How to make Aphrodisiac Perfumes

Mix all the oil with the base and store the blends in a 50 ml bottle with an atomizer.
When essential oils are added to water the oils will remain on the top, so remember to shake well before each use.


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