Daily Prompt: Good Fences?

Daily Prompt: Good Fences?
by Ben Huberman on February 8, 2014

Who are your neighbors? Are you friends with them, barely say hi, or avoid them altogether? Tell us a story — real or invented — about the people on the other side of your wall (or street, or farm, or… you get the point).


The best part of living on Weiss Lake, in the area we live in, is that we have no permanent neighbors. (We love our solitude!) We do have neighbors that come and go; mostly in the summer, when fishing is good, or when it is warm enough to swim and play in the water.
My father-in-law bought this four-lot space a long time ago; about thirty years ago. When my husband retired from the army and was divorced within the same year, he moved into the front lot, which contained a camper that had been built on to. He had been living there for four years, when we met.
Once I saw the place, I fell in love with it; watching the sun rise over the lake, fishing off the pier, boat riding, and swimming for our daughters, (10 and 12), and all their friends.
When we first married, my father-in-law and his wife spent a good deal of time at the lake. They had a camper on lot two. They were family and we often had fish-fry’s together. A couple of years later, he sold lot two and lot four, to his wife’s brother; and he moved their camper to lot three, directly behind us.
My father-in-laws wife’s brother and his wife, (let’s call them David and Sally), are not real friendly people. We speak, but that is about it. The people that live on the other side of David and Sally, have been there for thirty-plus years, so they are like family. They are very friendly and we often spend time with them when they come to the lake.
To our left, there was a couple that lived there permanently, (Bill and Yvonne). They were very good neighbors to have. They were friendly and we fished together, had coffee together, ate together, etc… They kept to their own business and we kept to ours, but we each knew the other was there if needed. Eventually, they divorced. Yvonne moved out and Bill kept his home on the lake. Several years later, Bill passed on and he is sorely missed.
An elderly couple, with lot’s of grandchildren, bought the place. They only come during the summer. They are friendly and we speak, but neither of us have made the move to being friends.
There are several more people that live on the lake, but not near us. We are all on speaking terms, but not much more. My husband has a cousin that lives on the curve of our semi-circle drive. We visit often.

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