Aromatherapy and Colds

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Aromatherapy and Colds

Aromatherapy and colds treatment can be started at the earliest sign of colds.
Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness by using essential oils. Essential oils for colds can protect us from microbes in many different ways, from keeping the space around us naturally microbe-free, preparing our immune system for defense, and destroying the microbes once they’ve entered our bodies.
You can turn on an electric diffuser, light up an aroma lamp, or use an oil burner when you get the first symptoms of colds. Diffusing the room with the right essential oils can eliminate your cold quickly. Essential oils for the immune system prevent you from catching colds in the first place.
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Although there are many essential oils you can use to heal colds and flu, I prefer to use Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) essential oil.
Eucalyptus essential oil which has cineol or euclyptol as an active ingredient and it will help greatly in relieving clogged nose and the other symptoms of cold. This oil can act as an air disinfectant, an antiseptic and a bactericide agent.

Aromatherapy and Colds Recipes

Following are some recipes for aromatherapy and colds treatment:

For Inhalation:

Boil the water in a cup and add a few drops of Eucalyptus Globulus. Place a towel over your head. Eucalyptus is a strong substance so it is important to close your eyes when you do this to avoid irritation. Inhale slowly for five to ten minutes. Do this two or three times a day until your symptoms subside.

Chest Congestion Rub

A blend of 4 drops of Eucalyptus globulus and 2 teaspoon of Emu oil can be used for back and chest congestion rubs. Use it twice a day.
Or you can use a blend of 3 drops of eucalyptus, 3 drops of peppermint, and 3 drops of Bay Laurel with 2 ounce of olive oil to rub your neck, throat and chest.

For Bath Treatment

Relieve the aches and pains associated with Cold and Flu with a nice hot soak in a therapeutic bath. Add 10 drops eucalyptus globulus essential oils to a hot water (102° to 104°F) and soak around 15 minutes.
Take this bath before you go to bed, warm yourself after taking this bath and take a good rest.

Hopefully tomorrow you will be ready to do your activity again!

For Aromatherapy and Colds Air Diffuser

A combination of eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme and lemon in your preferred ratio to achieve a desirable intensity and or mildness may be made. Use only eucalyptus when you need to clear your cold.

NOTE:Prolonged use of eucalyptus may have certain effects to the liver.

CAUTION: Do not use eucalyptus oil on children under 6 years.

Essential Oils for Colds

Other essential oils for colds:

Below is a list of essential oils with high levels of phenol and has notable antibacterial properties. These essential oils can heighten resistance to respiratory-related ailments:
• Lavender (Lavandula Augustifolia)
• Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)
• Rosemary (Rosemarinus Officinalis )
• Frankincense (Boswella carteri)
• Lemon (Citrus Limonom)
• Ravensara (Ravensara Aromatica)

When choosing your own self-healing methods as part of your natural health treatment program, it is important to choose the proper essential oils for each situation. The ratio of the essential oil may also be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the person subjected to the therapy.


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