Dragon Knight Chronicles – A Short Story for December

1 Dragon Judge

Our second judge has finally finished her editing process…so stop by and take a peek. Just give a click. The elves in her story really help bring a Christmas spirit to the holidays. If you are still looking for some holiday cheer give her story a good read…till this summer look for her finished story along with all our other winners and judges in our first publication.

Christmas Festival

By: Debra B. Mauldin

(DKChronicles Judge)

Gilraen woke with a sense of excitement. The excitement had been building over the past few months; just like it always did in the North Pole when Christmas was near.

Gilraen dressed in her usual work uniform; green, red, and white striped tights, her long red dress with white fur-like trim, and her shiny red shoes. She walked to the kitchen area of their large cave to have breakfast with her dad, mom, and three older brothers. After they ate their steamy, hot oatmeal with various dried fruits, the family lingered together and talked about their upcoming day.

Mr. Culnámo had long worked in the maintenance area of Santa’s workshop. He was pleased when his eldest son had recently joined him there. His two younger sons worked in the barns taking care of Santa’s reindeer.

Mrs. Culnámo worked as a department supervisor overseeing the ‘wrappers’ in her department. Gilraen worked in the ‘Letter’s To Santa’ department. It was her job, along with several others, to sort Santa’s mail into streets and roads.

All the young elves started in the ‘Letter’s To Santa’ department. There were other elves that sorted the mail into countries, regions, states, cities, villages, etc… before the mail actually reached Santa. There were more elves that sorted the mail further, after Santa had read it, until the orders were turned in to the ‘Toy Makers’.

The elves only needed four hours of sleep, so there were elves constantly working, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for eleven months; they all got a few weeks off after Christmas.

When Gilraen’s shift had ended, she and some of her friends walked over to the barns to meet up with their brothers. The four girls walked arm in arm singing Christmas Carols and talking about this year’s Christmas Festival, until they reached the barns. Gilraen’s brothers, Elerossë and Mablung, along with one of Mablung’s friends, Orophin Elensar, were sitting on a fence rail waiting for the girls. Gilraen had developed a crush on Orophin. Her heart did a little ‘bump’ whenever she saw him.

They all lived in a group of caves located to the rear right of Santa’s shops. Although it was absolutely unthinkable for one elf to harm another, their parents didn’t like for the girls to walk home alone. There was always the possibility of a hungry wolf, or even worse, the giant, Abominable Snowman. The children thought their parents just made it all up to scare them; not a single elf living at the North Pole ever spoke about seeing either one.

(Stay tuned for our first series book that will feature writings from our contest winners and judges. The time is growing closer to the publication date…hope you enjoy the intro. The first of many series books will be coming to you this summer.)


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