NaBloPoMo ~ January 29, 2014

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Are you good at influencing other people?


I usually do not try to influence other people, but I do have people tell me that I influenced them, so I may be unconsciously influencing other people.
I don’t argue my points anymore, I just let it be. Other people have the right to believe as they do. It really saddens my heart, when I read my morning news and find that one of the homeless children/teen I had previously worked with, had been arrested for a crime. I had so hoped that I had influenced these homeless children/teens in some way.
Obviously, my influence works better if I do not try.

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  1. We often underestimate the power we have. Ultimately, we do influence everyone & everything around us, whether we intend to or not. We are the world & the world is us. Recall the water experiment with thoughts & how thoughts changed the structure of the water molecules. Our bodies are 80% water. Imagine how your thoughts affect your body. It can do the same for another’s body.


      1. Also remember, at the same time, that you are not responsible for others. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Others may not be ready to receive what you have to give them, no matter how hard you try. You were there & you did what you were suppose to do. Now let go. No acquisitions of guilt can compensate the loss.


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