NaBloPoMo ~ January 27, 2014

1 A January 2014 BlogHer

Monday, January 27, 2014
What puts more pressure on you: time constraints or achieving perfection?


I prefer, for anything I do, to be as close to perfect as possible. In so doing, I often find myself with little time left. That is when I kick into over-drive, which isn’t much anymore, and the pressure of the time constraints loom over my head.
Due to my bad health, I can only perform a task or two, then I have to sit and rest for awhile before I get up and do some more. It takes me three to four days to completely clean my home and get the laundry done. It takes me about an hour to get the dishes unloaded from my dishwasher, rest awhile, then load it back up again. If company is coming, my husband will help me clean, so that it is done in time.
I do most of my cooking in my crockpots. I can get the food cooking in the morning, so that it will be ready by dinner time, without me having to stand over the stove. I don’t do standing very well anymore.
In my writing, I try to start early in the morning, as that is when I’m at my best and can think clearly. Usually, unless it is a very bad day, I will write until lunch. I don’t sit and write for hours at a time; I break it up by getting up and doing a little housework, then go back to writing while I sit and rest.
I enjoy doing the memes, but try not to get involved with a lot of them. This ‘old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be’.

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