NaBloPoMo ~ January 25, 2014

1 A January 2014 BlogHer

A Short Story By D. B. Mauldin

She didn’t want to go out on such a night but, she had promised her baby brother, Lamar, that she would attend his high school graduation. Deanna pulled back the curtain to take another look outside. It was still pouring down rain, thundering, and lightning. The wind was blowing the trees so hard that they were bent sideways.
Her mom had called her earlier and said the graduation had been moved from the football field into the auditorium. Why didn’t they just reschedule it, thought Deanna, but that wouldn’t be fair to the graduating class. Deanna thought back to her own high school graduation and how excited she was to get her diploma and move on with her life. Now, it was Lamar’s turn. She didn’t want anything to hold him back.
Another big clap of thunder, broke Deanna’s reverie. She looked at her watch. It was 5:00 p.m. Deanna rushed to the shower. She knew she would have to hurry to find a parking spot and a seat in the auditorium. Hopefully, her mom and dad would save her a seat.
Once she was showered, dressed, and had dried her hair, Deanna was ready to start on her make-up. There was another big clap of thunder, then the lights went out. Deanna groaned. She kept a flashlight in every room of her apartment, just for these moments. She sat down at her make-up table. Maybe this is my excuse, was Deanna’s first thought. No, the way I see it, I have two choices; risk messing up my make-up by trying to put it on with just a flashlight or go without make-up.
Deanna knew she looked good without make-up, just younger, like a high school kid. She opted to attend the graduation without make-up, pulled on her shoes, grabbed her purse, and headed out to her car. Once she was on the road, Deanna noticed the sky was becoming clear again. Maybe the late afternoon thunderstorm had passed.
As she pulled into a good parking spot, she took one last look in the mirror; she looked just fine, Deanna told herself. The rain had stopped and Deanna walked through the parking lot. Once inside the crowded auditorium, Deanna saw her mom and dad waving at her. Oh, thank goodness, she thought, they did save me a seat.
Deanna sat with her mom and dad, chatting about the weather, until the principal came out on the stage. As he talked, Deanna felt herself relaxing from all the pressures of her day. This was Lamar’s night, and she was ready to enjoy it with him.

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