Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice and NaBloPoMo ~ January 19, 2014

1 A January 2014 BlogHer

NaBloPoMo ~ Free Write

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?


I have been kidnapped, and as if that was not enough pressure, I have to make a choice. The kidnappers have actually given me three choices; that pumps up the pressure a bit.
Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the choices I have been given:
1. Stranded on an island.
Pros: I would be alone, which I would enjoy under other circumstances.
Cons: There is no mention of food or of a chance to obtain food. I would most likely become food for something. There is no mention of fresh drinking water. I know to boil water taken from a stream or lake, but from the ocean? I haven’t a clue of how to get all the salt out of ocean water.
What would I do during a storm? a hurricane? How could I send messages so that I could be rescued?
Too many cons to choose this option.
2. Dropped into an unknown forest.
Pros: I spent a lot of time in forests when I was younger. I know the safety rules of a forest. I should be able to find some food and water. I would actually have a chance at finding my way out of the forests.
Cons: I have no tools or weapons to defend myself with, or to help obtain food. I have no sleeping gear.
3. Locked in a strange building.
Pros: I would be out of the elements.
Cons: There was no mention of food, water, or light. How would I get messages out so that I could be rescued. I’m sure there would be crawling insects, ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlers. There is a possibility of snakes being in the building.
I’m sure if I kept thinking, I would think of more pros and cons for each choice, but just taking a quick look at them, I would choose number 2. I feel by choosing this choice, I would have a greater chance of being rescued, than from the other two choices.

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