Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People and NaBloPoMo ~ January 18, 2014

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NaBloPoMo ~ Free Write

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People
by michelle w. on January 18, 2014

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


The first person I encountered on January 18, 2014, was my youngest daughter, R. I had been staying at her house, since Wednesday, to help with my sick grandson.
R. works a 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm shift at work, and being a single mom, she couldn’t afford to take several days away from work. About the same time as my grandson got sick, R’s cat also became sick. Ziggy, her cat, had to stay at the veterinarians office for 2 nights, taking IV medications. This, alone, set her back about $350.00.
R. is a very strong person. She calls me out on a lot of my pity party’s. Actually, she helps me a lot. She gives me loving criticism, that is still sometimes hard to take, but it helps. Often, when I start going into one of my pity party’s, her words come to me and I’m able to pull out of it fairly quickly.
She has been through a lot in her 26 years of life. First living with an alcoholic father, and then sacrificing herself, when her father and I divorced. She was only 9-years-old at the time, and she tried to keep her father satisfied by spending a lot of her time with him, rather than me. Then, a couple of years later, when I remarried and moved about an hour away, she still opted to stay with her dad during the week, and spend the weekends with me. Once she felt comfortable leaving her dad on his own, she came to live with me during the week and would see him on weekends. This also resulted in a change of schools for her, which isn’t easy for an eighth grader.
She went to counseling for a couple of years, mostly to resolve her feelings of responsibility for her father.
When she was 17 years old, we all went through a horrifying time of her being in terrible pain. The doctor’s couldn’t find what was wrong, so they decided to do exploratory surgery. I insisted that her ob/gyn do the surgery. What he found was several large cysts on her right ovary that had caused her right tube to twist and cut off blood supply to the ovary. It was dead by the time they found it, so her right ovary and fallopian tube had to be removed. Her ob/gyn told us that, while it wasn’t common, it did happen. He said, that in fact, he had a couple of ladies working in his office that had only one ovary, for one reason or another, and they had all given birth to healthy babies. That was a little reassuring, but it always remained in the back of our minds, that there was a possibility R. would not be able to conceive.
R. received a fully paid scholarship to a prestigious university, but opted instead to attend a local university, because she had met a young man and their relationship was growing close to a marriage. Her teacher’s were able to obtain a small scholarship for her, at the last minute, so she attended college, worked a full-time job, got married, but did not live happily ever after.
R’s marriage lasted close to three years. One day, she came home from work to find that her husband had moved out in her absence. He had taken all his clothes and personal belongings. This hit her hard. She had no idea. There was no talk of separating, let alone a divorce. She was completely blind-sided.
Later, when she was able to get in contact with him, he told her he was moving in with his old girlfriend. R. lost her self-confidence and found herself, again, seeing a counselor and taking prescription medication for anxiety and depression.
R. lived alone, for awhile, and continued attending college as well as working full-time. Her ex-husband had left her with a lot of debt, but she was able to pull herself out of it.
Then, she quit her job, moved in with her best-friend from high school, and began again, with a new job. She continued college, by taking out loans, and found another job rather quickly. This worked for about two years. She was able to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree, but couldn’t find work in her field.
R’s friend ended up in a relationship with a guy, who was also a drug dealer. Her friend started taking drugs and soon moved out on R. Once again, she found herself in a lot of debt, living in a house she couldn’t afford by herself, but she was determined she wasn’t going to move back home; she would make it on her own.
R. had been seeing a young man from her high school. When her friend moved out on her, the young man moved in to help with bills until they could find a cheaper place to live.
R. eventually found a job in her field, but it was a 2 hour drive for her one-way. She grabbed the job, with intentions to move closer, but that never happened. Instead, she found herself pregnant, and continued driving to the job, during her nine months of pregnancy.
Once, she began making good money, the young man decided he didn’t need to work; R. could keep them both up. R. kept her job and obtained a second, part-time job on the weekends, while the young man worked a part-time job to help.
Shortly before R’s baby was due, the young man decided that he wasn’t ready for the responsibility of being a father. He said, he needed some time alone to think about it. He came back a couple of weeks before the baby was due, only to leave, again, when his son was about two-weeks old.
R. was able to find a good paying job in her field that was closer to her home, and went back to work when her son was only three-weeks old. Now, he is nearly six-months old and they are doing well.
I’m very proud of the woman she has become.

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  1. This reply is actually in response to one you posted on Navrongo Chick’s blog site about suicide. I simply just wanted to thank you for sharing so openly. Your post really touched me. It helps to know there are others who are struggling. In a world where it is easy to judge my insides by others outsides, I forget that others experience pain, insecurities, heartache, and feelings of worthlessness. Maybe it is my own self-centeredness that makes me think I am the only one. But people don’t just walk up and say, “Hi my name is soandso, I’m insecure and arrogant.” So those hurtful feelings are usually hidden deep, behind a masked smile that we try so hard not to break. Why? Because we do not want anything to be wrong with us. We want to be happy and perfect; the way we think others are. So we shut ourselves up. Hoping it will just go away, and it doesn’t. So it gets worse and grows. I know because I have been there. I have had a darkness eating me in the inside and I had no idea what to do about it. I am a good actress, so no one noticed. But I was broken, and it took years for me to finally allow the master healer in. I am so grateful for this. And because of this, I can say with confidence that you are not alone. You are important and your life has meaning and purpose. Don’t give up on yourself. You are a work in progress and are loved so very deeply by family, friends, and God. Allow yourself to feel this love. Thank you, dmauldin for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it.


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