Lavender: A Powerful Plant Remedy?

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Aromatherapists have known, for years, Lavender Essential Oil contains anti-infectious properties. Is the modern world finally catching on and catching up?

Could Lavender be the Solution to Drug-Resistant Infections?
by Elizabeth Renter
April 17th, 2013

Often in life, our biggest problems are those we brought upon ourselves; the same could be said for medical problems. Many of our modern diseases and ailments are completely preventable and only present because we have somehow deprived our bodies of the ability to heal themselves. In that same vein, one of the biggest concerns of the health world is an infection that cannot be stopped, an issue largely due to the overuse of antibiotics. But there are many potential solutions for this issue – lavender is one of those solutions.

Using Lavender for Drug-Resistant Infections

For the medical community, drug-resistant infections like MRSA pose serious challenges. These infections have evolved overtime to be virtually…

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