NaBloPoMo ~ January 15, 2014

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
“Courage is grace under pressure” is a famous quotation by Ernest Hemingway. Tell us about a personal moment of your grace under pressure.


My best moments of grace under pressure, were when my grandchildren were born. I was lucky enough to have been there and see every one of my grandchildren born into this world. The mama’s all had their birthing plans and didn’t want to hear mine, they just wanted me to be there. I was gracious enough to let them do their own thing and didn’t utter a word, unless it was encouragement. I was very proud of myself. I did shed tears, but they were not falling apart tears, they were tears of joy and the awe of seeing a child born.
At deaths, I do not do as well. I simply fall apart. There is so much grief and pain, I get overloaded real fast. There are other times, like when someone messes with my mama, my children, my grandchildren, and/or my husband, that I handle the pressure, (it may not be gracious), and fall apart later.

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