Aromatherapy ~ A Deeper Look (Part II)

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Today, I would like to talk a little more in-depth on one the Angelic Fragrances: Linden Blossom Essential Oil.

Linden Blossom Essential Oil
1 A Linden Blossom Essential Oil


Linden Blossom Essential Oil has a light floral aroma. It contains the Physical Healing Properties of a calmative, antidepressant, antispasmodic, nervine, and tonic. It contains the Emotional Healing Properties of balance, calm, relaxation, and security.
Donald A. Mackenzie writes in, ‘China and Japan: Myths and Legends’:
“There are references in more than one land to a Paradise among the mountains. It figures in the fairy stories of Central Europe…with its Linden Tree of Immortality, the hiding place of a fairy lady, its dancing nymphs and its dwarfs; the king of dwarfs has a cloak of invisibility which he wraps around those mortals he carries away.”


Love, in all its many guises, speaks through Linden Blossom Essential Oil. It touches those hidden areas of self where we have denied access to love, bringing into our hearts the expression of love and oneness.
Linden Blossom Essential Oil is a graceful fragrance with a graceful spirit. It brings a sense of grace to our prayers and meditations, and to all we do. It is the fragrance of mercy and brings the ability to be merciful and nonjudgmental.
Linden Blossom Essential Oil can be used when things seem cold, and people unfeeling. Use Essential Oil of Linden Blossom when life appears to be harsh, rough, and uncaring. It brings back a sense of respect for others and the enchantment of being kind. It helps us to accept the kindness shown to us.


Linden Blossom Essential Oil blends well with the following essential oils: Black Pepper, Carnation, Clove, Frankincense, Geranium, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Petitgrain, Rose, Sandalwood, Tuberose, and/or Ylang Ylang.
Remember, it is best to use only three essential oils to a blend and don’t forget the Carrier Oil.

Next, we will go back to finishing up on the Angelic Fragrances.

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have pertaining to using essential oils as aromatherapy.
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Resource: The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood

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