NaBloPoMo – January 4, 2014

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This morning started out beautifully; lots of blue sky and a bright sun. Today was our day to babysit our youngest grandson. It was going to be a great day. I opened the door and raised the curtains, so some sun could get into the house. My grandson needs his Vitamin D and it is too cold to take him outside, so I figure a little sun shining on him in the house would help some.
We enjoyed our morning with our grandson. When mommy got of work, she stopped to get her grocery shopping done. That was a reminder of what was headed our way. We’ve been hearing it for days now, but today was such a nice day it was hard to think of a big winter storm headed our way. I suppose today was like the calm before the storm.
Once we got home, we started our cold weather preparations; wrapping pipes, getting anti-freeze into the vehicles, cleaning out the fireplace, bringing in wood, covering the wood outside so that it wouldn’t get wet because the rain starts tomorrow afternoon. Then the temperature will plummet about 20 degrees in a 30 minute time-frame.
Once we finished, and was able it sit down, we pulled up our favorite weather forecaster to catch the latest weather news. It seems that the Arctic front we are waiting on moved in from Canada overnight and is diving south.
By the time it reaches North Alabama, there will be more than 60 consecutive hours of below freezing temps and a majority of that time will be below 20 degrees, with wind chills below 0. We are supposedly getting a dusting to 1″ of snow.
If we keep power and I am able to get on the internet, I will keep you posted on how this big winter storm is playing out over North Alabama.
Keep Warm!
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