Friday Morning Musings ~ Time

Visits to Doctor’s offices, laboratories, x-ray, and other images, seem to be taking up a lot of my time lately. A lot of my money too. They, most often, take a whole day away from me. The process of getting ready, getting there and back home again, drains my energy and brings on the pain.
Yesterday, I had the second Doctor’s visit for this week. This was my first appointment with a Rheumatologist. It was an hour drive there and an hour drive back. Plus a change in Time Zones from CST to EST, so I lost an hour in there somehow. We were there for nearly three hours.
Luckily, the clinic I went to included several Doctor’s in one building, plus a Laboratory and Imaging center. So, at least I didn’t have to get in and out of a car to go here and there, I just had to walk, which is difficult for me, but so is getting in and out of a car. Kind of like, ‘Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t’.
Right away, I learned my Rheumatologist was in the rear of the building. I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I did. After my appointment, I had to walk back to the Laboratory and then back to the front of the building for imaging. At least I got a little break, at each station.
On Monday, I had an appointment with my Neurologist. I received a new prescription and he wants a Head Scan. I’m waiting for them to set it up and call me. I’m thinking it will be after the Holiday’s. Next Monday, I have to go in for more Blood Work, for my Nephrologist. Afterword, we will travel back to Georgia to have Christmas with Hubby’s father and step-mother. I will be cooking on Tuesday, then head up on the mountain, to my oldest daughter’s home, on Christmas Morning.
Maybe, there will be a period of rest before I start another cycle of Doctor’s appointments in January 2014.
1 A Rest

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  1. That’s a busy schedule. 😦 Sorry to hear you’re in pain Mama Bear. Hope the doctor visits and all those tests lessen and that you’ll be able to enjoy time with your daughter on Christmas morning. ♥


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