Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail
A Daily Post Challenge

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon. The hubby came home from work early to drive me to the doctor’s office; it was about a 45-minute drive, one-way. There is an interstate that we could have taken, but we chose our usual two-lane scenic road. This is a valley road with mountains on each side. It is filled with history; the large fields, the rolling mountain scenes, the old railroad track, the old homes. Even though this time of year the trees are leafless, it is still beautiful. You can see homes and rock formations that are lost behind the greenery in the summer months.
The two-lane scenic road carries you through several small towns; Collinsville, Lebanon, Will’s Creek, and Will’s Valley. I noticed a couple of homes with Christmas decorations galore; Elves, Mangers, Penguins, Santa’s, Santa’s Sleigh, Snowmen, and lights of all kinds. I thoroughly anticipated seeing them all lit up on the way back home.
When I arrived at the doctor’s office, I had to wait a bit. I looked around the lobby and found some ‘Architectural Digest’ magazines and picked up a January 2013 issue. As I flipped through the pages, I came upon an article featuring the artist, Shary Boyle and some of her work. The piece that caught my attention was titled, ‘The Mute’. ‘The Mute’ is a porcelain figure, (one of many), handcrafted by Shary Boyle. I suppose it would be considered a ‘bust’, because it contains the top of the shoulders, a neck, and a head. The piece reminded me of the ‘Green Man’, when I first noticed it, but it is clearly a woman. ‘The Mute’ has long, blonde braids that curl around her shoulders. She wears jewels on her forehead, (one long one in the middle and one on each side), that are pastel, (muted?), colors of blue, green, pink and yellow. She has a pink blush on her cheeks, tiny ears, and darker pink lips. Her nose is a leaf in green and ivory. Her eyes are large, dark, and contains no eyelashes. Her neck and shoulders look like scales and again the pastel colors of blue, green, pink, and yellow are used. She is a mythology-like figure.
On the drive back home, it was beginning to get dark and I was anticipating seeing some of the homes Christmas decorations lit up. I wasn’t disappointed. The one that caught my eye was a small tree, about eight-foot tall, with a round ball of limbs at the top. It was wrapped with lights containing different shades of blue. It was absolutely gorgeous! The homes with all the decorations, I had anticipated viewing, were not yet lit.

My original details happened in one afternoon. It took me four-paragraphs to include them all in detail.
“Glimmers of a Beginning”
1. A scenic drive
2. ‘The Mute’
3. Christmas decorations

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