Daily Prompt: Unexpected

Daily Prompt: Unexpected
by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on December 11, 2013

Unexpectedly, you lose your job. (Or a loved one. Or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?


Losing a job could be a disaster. We live month to month, as it is, and have very little in savings. I don’t worry about that one much. My husband has tenure, plus rarely does a week go by without someone trying to hire him somewhere else.
Losing a loved one is quite a different story. I don’t do well with loss of a loved one, be it family or friend. The unexpected deaths really hit me hard. I have lost several cousins unexpectedly, some younger than me. I have lost both of my grandfather’s and one grandmother. They were all devastating for me because I had them for so long.
What did I do next? I grieved. I went through all the steps of the grieving process. I spent some time in denial, anger, helplessness, depression, and finally acceptance. For some, the grieving process took a long time, and some is still on-going.
The one grandmother, that is still living, will turn 96-years-old in January 2014. She lives back and forth between my Dad’s and one of his sister’s. My dad told me she has given up and was going downhill fast. Even though my grandmother’s death is looming and I am already in the denial stage, I still feel that this one is going to be a hard one. But, anyone can unexpectedly go from this earth; none of us are exempt.
1 A Grieving Process


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  1. A really good friend once said to me that grief sometimes comes to sit with me, whenever it wants, my job is to sit with it and it’ll go on it’s way when it decides. Grief is such a difficult life emotion/experience. And it truly does just come sometimes…


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  3. This is always helpful to show sympathy and encouragement. I am so sorry for your losses, especially younger cousins. I will hope that your last grandparent will be ending her life in peace and that you will be able to remember the good times with all of those who you have lost. It is so hard, I cannot imagine the day when I lose my mother. Thank you for your being kind to those without jobs. I really feel for those during this season, especially sad.


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