Dark Messages by Daniel J. Weber ~ A Book Review

1 A Dark Messages by Daniel J. Weber

Dark Messages
A Short Story Anthology
by Daniel J. Weber

Amazon Summary

Turn your eyes to the pages.
Watch darkened words as they seep through those cavities in your skull,
fill every pore of your skin, and enliven your heart with Dark Messages.
Life can be full of fear, but the emotion does not have to live in
vain. Consider the messages skulking behind each dark, horrific story in
this collection.

Undying Memories: A mother is clutching her past, letting those Undying Memories haunt her in the present.

A Mile in My Shoes: What if you could enter a different world, body,
mind, reality, by stepping into someone else’s shoes? What if you could
walk A Mile in My Shoes.

A Storm is Coming: …and no matter what you do, there can be no escape.

Master of Death: Master death or be its slave: chained against your will.

Know Not What They Do: Jesus is crucified. Demons toast their victory in Hell. Men and woman on the Earth cringe beneath demonic control, and they Know Not What They Do.

Infinity: A janitor fights graffiti, revealing the monster beneath.

Book Review

Author, Daniel J. Weber, has written ‘A Short Story Anthology’, (containing six well-written short stories), that touches deep, dark messages inside most of us, if not all of us. I cannot speak for others, but “Dark Messages” certainly touched me.
From the first short story, to the last, I was riveted to an emotional roller-coaster that didn’t slow down until the end; and the book left me wanting more.
Author, Daniel J. Weber’s, short stories are full of vivid description’s that makes the reader feel as though he/she were right there, in the middle of each scene. The author’s use of allegories was immensely satisfying.
If I had to pick a favorite short story from “Dark Messages”, I don’t know that I could. I related, and was drawn in, to each story. The two that hit home with me were, ‘Undying Memories’ and ‘A Mile In My Shoes’. ‘A Storm Is Coming’ was an excellent story, as was ‘Master of Death’. I cannot even express the thoughts and emotions I experienced while reading, ‘Know Not What They Do’ and ‘Infinity’.
Overall, I think, “Dark Messages” is an excellent book. I recommend it to all, but especially deep thinkers and the philosophical minded.

NOTE: I received a PDF copy of this book for free in return for an honest review.

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