November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #29


Friday, November 29, 2013
You’re almost there! Tell us how you feel about endings.
Endings are only Beginnings; on to another Holiday, another year, another meme, more learning, more loving, more living. Endings can be sad and most endings are not the fairy tale, “Happily Ever After”, but they do leave an open void just waiting to be filled.
It is up to you how you fill your void. When my youngest daughter first left home, I had a hard time with my empty nest. Hubby and I filled the void by taking some on-line classes and doing a little traveling. A few years later, I became ill and had to resign from my job. That’s when I took a long look at the things I loved to do the most, but never had time for; working on my Family History and Writing. These have been my saviors; kept my mind active and still learning something new every day.
Of course, I love the time I get to spend with my family. I have one grandmother, still living, and treasure the moments I get to spend with her. She will be 96-years-old in January 2014. I still have my mom and dad. They have been divorced for thirty-five years, but I still have both of them in my life. I have no living siblings, but do have a host of cousins. Then there are my grandchildren, ranging from ages 4-months-old to 10-years-old, plus a new one on the way; due in January 2014. I have enough to keep me busy.
When you are coming to an ending in some part of your life, look around you, think about the things you love to do the most, but never had time for. You may not have to look very far. Even here in our little Alabama town, hubby and I found a lot of places to visit and view, practically right in our backyard.
To me, the most important things are to keep laughing, learning, living, and loving.

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  1. “To me, the most important things are to keep laughing, learning, living, and loving.” – very well put.

    Taking a look around after Baby came to join our family and I ceased doing what I had been doing before, primarily working, I know I’m grateful to have the opportunity to provide loving care to him daily. (that’s just one thing…)


    1. Baby’s and Grandbaby’s are ultra grand. I get to keep my youngest grandson on Saturday morning, when my daughter works. Our oldest grandson comes and visits for 3 to 4 weeks during the summer. My granddaughter’s are active in sports, so I see them fairly regularly. It’s easy to find things to do with children. 🙂


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