November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #23



I know that the point of NaBloPoMo is to write something each day, but life just hasn't worked that way for me. I started late and have been trying to catch up, ever since. I have plans to get ahead of my writing before Thanksgiving, because there are not enough quiet moments to write during the holiday. I may bombard you with posts today and tomorrow, because my Thanksgiving will start Wednesday and go through Sunday, and guess what? (the end of November is in there somewhere.)
My hubby only has to work Monday and Tuesday, then he is off the rest of the week. He rarely leaves me alone, with quiet, enough to think, let alone write. We have so much to do before our daughter and grandson come in from Kentucky on Thursday morning. They will stay with us until Sunday. We are always excited to see them, because they only get to come three to four times a year. They will not be able to come down for Christmas this year, due to our second grandchild, from her, due to be born in January. We will be making a week long trip to Kentucky, when the baby is born.
Anyway, November is nearly gone, for me, and I expect some of you, also.
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