November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #16


If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?
I would quit smoking. It is a nasty, harmful habit. I have smoked on and off, since I was sixteen. I have quit several times, but always started back eventually. One time, I was able to stay quit for nearly two years, but eventually I gave-in and that was that. Several other times, I would make it for four to six weeks, then start back.
I’ve tried patches, gum, and Chantix all with fairly good results, but the bottom line is, ‘I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to quit.’ Which brings me to the question of, ‘Is smoking a habit or an addiction’?
Back in my teen years, we would all gather somewhere, and we would all be smoking; like it was the casual way of doing things. Sometimes during the week, I would go out by the bus stop and bum a cigarette from one of my cousins. Yes, I’m old, and yes, it was legal back then for students to go out to a designated area, during breaks and smoke. I think back then it was a habit and we did it to be cool.
First of all, most of us didn’t smoke every day, and sometimes it was 1 to 2 cigarettes a day. The weekends, when we would actually buy a pack or two, (another one of those, back then it was legal), we might average 8 to 10 cigarettes a day.
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The next thing you know, you have graduated high school and, ‘BAM!’, life hits you straight in the face. You either go to college, get a job, and/or get married. Either way it is a lot of life changes thrown at you, and you start getting anxious, nervous, and worry a lot. At that point, you start lighting up more and more, until you find yourself addicted.
The years go by, and you find yourself smoking a pack a day, then a pack and a half a day, and sometimes two packs a day and more.
More years go by, and smoking starts interfering with your health. It turns into a cycle, you get sick and worried, so you smoke to calm your nerves. Another health problems pops up, you get sick and worried, so you smoke to calm your nerves.
The cigarettes don’t even taste good anymore, but still you smoke. Your story may be different than mine, and you may be one of those that managed to break the habit/addiction, or one of those that never started. I applaud all of you!
Please, just don’t start harping on me. I will quit when I’m ready, or dead.

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