November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #14


Are you a morning person or a night owl?
1 A Good Morning
Definitely a morning person. I wake up refreshed and ready to go. The house is quiet and I can think quite clearly. I love watching the sunrise and all the birds come flocking. It is a calm period when I can do my spiritual work of the day. Then I write, and all too soon, I look at the clock and it is noon time or after. Where did the morning go? Wow, that went by fast!
I have to make myself stop and eat something, then take my handful of prescription medications. Then my mind shuts down, along with most of my body. I struggle to get some house work done, but mostly I just want to go back to bed, and very often I do.
I try to stay awake and talk with my hubby for awhile when he gets home from work, but once we have dinner, I’m done. Hardly ever do I stay awake past 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

3 thoughts on “November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #14

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  1. Definitely NOT a morning person! My core time for alertness is 7pm-1am but that’s not a practical timeline for a working woman. So I have to readjust my body clock to function in the morning!


  2. I am wide awake and alert till two AM and then quite useless before 10 AM. I would prefer to sleep till even later. It is a bad internal click for a gardener but I have been this way my whole life.


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