Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game

Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game
by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on November 10, 2013

You’re set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else . . .) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.
Does anybody remember the card game ‘Rook’? I grew up in a large family of ‘Rook’ players. Eventually, I learned to play. My paternal grandmother was the Queen of ‘Rook’. She probably still is but we don’t get a chance to play together anymore. It has been about 15 years, since I moved away from my old home place. Granny doesn’t live there anymore either. At the age of 95, she now spends her weeks at my Dad’s and at one of her daughter’s home.
Back in my late teens and early twenties, I started noticing that my grandmother won a lot. If she had a bad partner that didn’t pay attention and caused her to lose, she would get mad and not play with them as a partner anymore. She knew I was watching her, and when she felt I was good enough, she pulled me in as her partner. We had a good thing going, Granny and me. I could read her and she could read me. We beat everybody we played against.
Most of my family was laid back and just played for fun. However, there were a few males in the family that were very competitive. They had to win at everything or they would get mad. The worst was one of my cousins. He would be home on leave, get to drinking, want to play, and ultimately it would turn into disaster. He would run a foul mouth in front of Granny and any of the kids that happened to be nearby.
One time when he threw one of his ego fits, my youngest uncle, who stands 7′ tall, grabbed my cousin by the shirt collar, carried him outside, and gave him a tail whipping.
Some of the family claimed that, Granny and me, cheated. They would watch us and watch us, but could never find anything that we cheated on. We didn’t cheat. We were just a match that could read each other. We would almost always win.
Those were some good times.
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