November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ Post #1


Taking A Couple of Days Off

Jayne sat at the kitchen table sipping on her third cup of coffee. The caffeine was kicking in and her thoughts were starting to gather around what she needed to get done today. She poured her fourth cup of coffee and headed for her home office. Jayne glanced at her desk calendar and saw she had no deadlines looming in the near future. She turned her computer on and started gathering her notes for today’s writing.
Jayne heard her secretary, Bev, coming in.
“Good Morning,” Bev said with her usual cheerfulness, as she placed the mail in Jayne’s in-box.
“Good Morning, Bev,” Jayne replied, “There’s fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.”
“Thanks,” Bev said as she headed to the kitchen.
Jayne decided to look through her mail before starting work. She flipped through it sorting it as she went. She stopped when she came to an envelope sent to her by her beloved Uncle Roy. Jayne ripped it open and pulled out the letter. She read it through twice, then laughed. Her Uncle Roy was always doing things like this, but it had been awhile.

The letter read:
To my most beautiful, kind, and talented Niece,
I have some money I need to get rid of. You will notice a pre-paid Visa card enclosed in the envelope. It is pre-paid for one million dollars and is yours to spend, but it must be spent today. The account will close tonight at 8:00 p.m.
Have a great day!
Your Loving Uncle Roy

Jayne picked up her phone and called her personal financial advisor. She told her advisor how much money she wanted to invest and asked her to build up her portfolio for her.
Jayne glanced at her clock and saw it was 9:30 a.m. She walked into Bev’s office and told her they were taking the day off. Bev glanced at her questioningly.
“You and I are going shopping!” Jayne told her, “Let’s shut everything down, turn on the answering machines, and lock up. We are on a short time frame.”
Bev was still looking at Jayne like she had sprouted another head or something, but Jayne was happy; more than happy, she was giddy. It had been awhile since she had let herself enjoy spending money.
Jayne explained everything to Bev as they walked to Jayne’s car.
“If I had the time, I would hire a limousine and driver for the day. Heck, I still may do that. Get on your cell phone, Bev. Call the limousine service and tell them we will be there in twenty minutes to choose a limousine and driver for the day.”
Jayne chose a white limousine with a fully stocked bar and a fully stocked mini-refrigerator.
“So, what kind of new car do you want, Bev?”
“New car?”
“Of course. Your car is out of style. Besides, it’s always good to have a back-up vehicle. If you don’t tell me what kind you want, I will just buy you one of my choosing. I really like the new Infiniti.”
“Sounds good to me.”
Jayne picked up the car phone and told the driver to take them to the nearest Infiniti car lot.
After purchasing their cars and setting up delivery details, the two women got back into the limousine, popped the top on a bottle of champagne, and dug into the caviar. Jayne had told their driver to take them to the mall.
Bev was finally getting into the spirit of spending, for herself and her two children. Jayne took a break and called her real estate agent. She wanted to buy some houses to refurbish and sell, and maybe some to rent. She looked at her watch. It was now 3:00 p.m.
Jayne called and made dinner reservations for 5:00 p.m., at the finest restaurant in town. She finished up her shopping, then went in search of Bev.
After the women had finished their five-course meal, Jayne felt the need to walk for awhile. The two women walked and talked about their day. Soon it was 7:00 p.m. Jayne asked the limousine driver to take them to her bank, where she checked to see how much was left on her pre-paid Visa card. There was still quite a bit of money left. Jayne hadn’t realized how hard it would be to spend one million dollars in one day. She asked the driver to take them to the local homeless shelter, where she donated the last of the money, except a big tip for their driver.
Jayne drove Bev back to her house so she could get her car.
“Take tomorrow off too, Bev. You need it to recover and to be on hand for all of your deliveries.”
Bev didn’t argue with Jayne, she just said, “Thank you.”
Once Jayne was in her home, she called her Uncle Roy to tell him, “Thank You,” and told him all about her day.
“I love you, Uncle Roy.”
“I love you too my beautiful, kind, and talented niece.

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